Rudra Press is the publishing division of The Movement Center, a non-profit organization and spiritual community, founded by Swami Chetanananda, and currently based in Portland, Oregon. Our books, audio and video products feature the profound teachings of accomplished masters of meditation and tantric practice to inspire and guide you, and we offer other items to support your spiritual practice and well-being. Your purchase from Rudra Press helps us to continue the work of maintaining the Movement Center as a place of refuge and practice for sharing the wisdom and insights of our teachers.

Our focus is on the tantric traditions of India and Tibet and making ancient texts and rituals accessible to contemporary practitioners. In addition, we publish materials by certain other teachers who have a connection to the Nityananda lineage. In our shop, you'll find titles by:

We've also published:

  • texts on the philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism
  • instructional videos for hatha yoga, homeopathy, and Vajrayana practices; and
  • DVDs, CDs and streaming  video products by our lineage teachers.

In our store, we carry practice items, such as Chöd implements and teacher photos. 

Rudra Press operates with a dedicated staff of volunteers, all of whom are long-time students of Swami Chetanananda, have experienced the power of the practice that we have, and have a great enthusiasm for sharing the practices and teachings of our lineage. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about our products.

If you are interested in exploring Swamiji's teachings further, you can read his blog, visit his YouTube channel, or listen to his podcast. If you want more information about the philosophical texts of Kashmir Shaivism, explore the writings of Professor Alexis Sanderson at the Institute for Śaiva and Tantric Studies site.


To contact Rudra Press:

PO Box 13310
Portland, OR  97213-0310