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There is Only One

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There is Only One


by Swami Chetanananda

A single unity underlies all life. How can you directly experience this unity? And how do you navigate the challenges of the world from that place? These forty brief essays by one of America’s most articulate and respected Tantric masters look at a host of issues from a nondual perspective. Each serves as inspiration for contemplation and meditation, making it perfect for your daily practice. You will learn simple, profound and practical ways to live a life of love, growth and integration, leading to a deeper understanding of the total interconnectedness of all of life.

214 pages, Paper

ISBN 978-0-9983389-7-2

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Author, Swami Chetanananda

An American meditation master and abbot of The Movement Center, in Portland, OR, Swami Chetanananda serves as spiritual teacher, mentor, and beloved guide to students throughout the world. Born and educated in the Midwest, he trained under Swami Rudrananda until Rudi passed away in 1973. He was initiated into the Saraswati Order in 1978 in Ganeshpuri, India, with Swami Muktananda presiding. In addition, he is a lineage holder in the Shi-je tradition of Padampa Sangye and the practices of the Longchen Nyingthig tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.