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The Chöd Practice: Instructions, Commentaries and Texts

Chod Practice cover lrg.jpg
Chod Practice cover lrg.jpg

The Chöd Practice: Instructions, Commentaries and Texts


by Tsering Wangdu Rinpoche
with introductory commentary by
Swami Chetanananda

The Chöd Practice presents the detailed visualizations, practice instructions, and commentaries of Tsering Wangdu Rinpoche, a direct lineage holder from Tingri Monastery, the well-spring of the Padampa Sangye and Machik Labdrön Chöd lineages. As the last lineage holder, who completed all the traditional training, including the 108-cremation ground retreat, Wangdu Rinpoche finally publishes his life-time of knowledge and guidance. The book further presents a commentary by Swami Chetanananda, (Ösel Dorje Shonnui Tsal), an American lineage holder of the Chöd and Pacification of Suffering Shije lineages.

The instructions, commentaries, text translations, Tibetan and English liturgies and illustrations in this book provide a complete and invaluable resource to modern practitioners to begin and immerse themselves in an authentic Chöd practice.

The book also includes:                                    
· Translation of Jigme Lingpa’s The Resonance of Dakini Laughter Chöd Practice, from the Longchen Nyingthig.
· Translation of the full Phowa sadhana with practice instructions.
· Two complete Chöd practice liturgies which can be chanted in English or Tibetan.
· Translation of ancient Chöd lineage prayers.
· 15 illustrations by master thangka artist Laura Santi.
· 21 historical photographs of Naptra Rinpoche, Tsering Wangdu Rinpoche, H.E. Chatral Rinpoche, the Cham, etc.

Paperback: 254 pages, 15 illustrations, 21 photos.  ISBN-13: 978-0-9983389-6-5

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Editor’s Note and Appreciation

Chöd as a Contemplation of the Nature of Experience
by Swami Chetanananda

The Chöd Practice: Instructions and Commentaries
by Tsering Wangdu Rinpoche

Preliminaries to Practice
Receiving the Chöd Teachings
Necessity for Proper Initiation
Right Attitude for Chöd Practice
Homage to the Lineage Masters and Request for Blessings
Chöd Implements
The Deities of the Chöd:
Tröma Nagmo
The Mantra PHAT

The Main Practice Instructions
Practicing in a Secret Place
Preparations and Visualization of Overwhelming
The Way of Going: Attitude
The Way of Going: Mantra and Visualization
Arriving at the Place of Practice
The Cham
The Dance of the Five Directions: Subduing the Five Afflictions
The Dance of Phurbas
Going for Refuge
Generating Bodhicitta
Mandala Offering
Guru Yoga
Separating Mind from Matter and Preparation of the Offerings
Inviting the Guests
The White Distribution
The Red Distribution
The Black Feast
The Variegated Distribution
The Remainders
The Blessings of Avalokiteśvara
Completing the Practice Session and Leaving

Overcoming Obstacles, Persevering, and the Fulfillment of Practice
Machik Labdrön’s Teachings on Cutting Through
The Phowa Practice

Text Translations

From the Longchen Nyingthig Cycle of Teachings

The Resonance of Dakini Laughter Chöd Practice, by Rigdzin Jigme Lingpa, translated by Lama Sherab
Powa: Buddhahood Without Meditative Cultivation, translated by Lama Sherab

Chöd Lineage Prayers

The Thirty Aspirations Made by Padampa Sangye
The Prayer Songs of Machik Labdrön
Prayer Song for the Longevity of Lama Tsering Wangdu Rinpoche
The Prayer Song for Swami Chetanananda

 English Chöd Liturgy and Lyrics

About the Authors

Tsering Wangdu Rinpoche
Swami Chetanananda (Ösel Dorje Shonnui Tsal)

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