One of the main sadhanas practiced at the Movement Center is Chöd. Chöd means “cutting through,” cutting through tensions, doubts, fears, obstacles and obscurations that deny us access to the joy within us.

Chöd is traditionally done in cemeteries, cremation grounds, and other places that evoke fear in the practitioner. By confronting that fear and learning to cut through it, the Chöd practitioner learns to transcend all doubts and fears in order to dwell in the infinite spaciousness that we are.

Chöd is a very ancient practice and one of the earliest Vajrayana sadhanas. It is a practice of self-sacrifice, and in Chöd we sacrifice what is most valuable to us—our bodies. We visualize making an offering of our body, which is transformed into nectar, to all beings in all realms. Through making that offering, we are initiating a flow between us and everything else. In the experience of flow, we begin to appreciate that all forms are completely interconnected and that there is in fact an underlying unity.