My teaching has been inspired by my life in the TMC community, in contact with Swamiji’s commitment to and astonishing skill at transforming challenges into opportunities for profound growth. I've been fortunate (and challenged!) to have plenty of chances to apply what I've learned in my own life.

My diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 1999 coincided almost exactly with my arrival in Portland from Boston and my entry into yoga teacher training. My teaching has evolved out of this physical condition with its progressive disability, and the inner and outer obstacles it’s presented.

I enjoy most of all seeing students have amazing experiences with yoga, moving and shifting things that have been stuck and even impenetrable for many years. I’m looking forward to working with you.

Jennifer Siegel

I am an 500+ hour IYT trained Yoga Therapist with a lifetime of experience as a body worker, dancer and yogi. I've been teaching yoga since I stopped being a hospice massage therapist in 2009. My understanding of muscle, connective tissue and nerves combined with my professional experiences influence the way I teach.  I'm a trauma sensitive teacher skilled in working with pain, chronic illness, PTSD and depression. I gladly modify my classes to accommodate yogis of any age or experience levels.

My yoga teacher training started by studying Yin Yoga with author, scientist and yogi Bernie Clark in 2008. Since then I've studied and taught many forms of yoga and meditation. In my classes I pull from everything I know, including somatic retraining, to create a deep sense of peace in mind, body and spirit. My goal as a Yoga Therapist and teacher is for you to be able to help yourself with the therapeutic movements, breath and ideas we work with in class so you may live more easily in your skin.




Viktor Usov

Viktor Usov is a classically trained dancer and teacher with the NW Dance Project. Born in Ukraine, he moved to Portland and began his dance training at the age of 14 under the direction of Sarah Slipper. He continued to graduate from Juilliard with a BFA in dance. Following his time in New York, Viktor moved to Germany to dance as a soloist at the Staatstheatre Kassel opera house under director Johannes Wieland.

Since his return to Portland, Viktor has begun to teach his own style of movement exploration and improvisation.

The movement center has been an integral part of Viktor's life since the age of 9. It has helped shape and inform who he is as an artist and movement teacher. His dance is deeply influenced by his spiritual practice and is an endless source of inspiration.

Jen Wilhelm

Dr. Jen Wilhelm is a student resident of The Movement Center and Swami Chetanananda. She is a practicing Chiropractor in PDX. Her life study and background as a massage therapist, yoga teacher, athlete, martial artist and meditation & qigong practitioner allows her to tune into the body, the class and students, to share what is needed for her students and patients heal and grow their potential, health goals &... beyond. 

Yoshi Kardell

Yoshi enjoys guiding people to connect with a sense of peace and balance through their yoga practice. She enjoys studying and teaching a range of styles of yoga including restorative and vinyasa with a focus on dynamic movement and fluid transitions. Her passion is supporting women and families around the birth of a child and transition to parenthood,and has a particular interest in offering prenatal yoga. Her approach to prenatal yoga is to create space for expectant mothers to focus inward and connect with their bodies and babies through breath and movement.

In addition to completing the 200-hour teacher training program at Sellwood Yoga,Yoshi has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and is a Postpartum Doula, serving families welcoming new babies through birth or adoption.

Find out more about Yoshi and her schedule of classes at 

Michelle Valentino

Michelle is passionate about the importance of attending to foot health and function as a basis for overall wellness. She is certified as a Healthy Foot Practitioner™ and received her training through the Restorative Exercise Institute established by Katy Bowman, author of Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief. The training involves a thorough education of foot mechanics, how foot function affects whole-body health, and the role of footwear on foot health and foot pain.

Michelle teaches Chair Yoga and self care classes and workshops. She is also a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, and has studied QiGong with Master Liu He of Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School, Core Awareness with Liz Koch, and the Thinking Body Feeling Mind with Linda Lack.

Kelly Sunrose

Kelly Sunrose, E-RYT200, RYT500, has been pouring herself into teaching yoga & meditation for 10 years, practicing for 19 years. Kelly's classes are filled with stories, songs, chants, meditation, breath-work and philosophy. She encourages students to trust the body’s wisdom as they work through postures, finding the balance of sweetness and steadiness in the pose to achieve an expansive sense of alignment. Kelly wants every student to touch their essence... LOVE.

Jennifer Cho Kain:

Jennifer Cho Kain grew up in Los Angeles, California with rich exposure to the performing arts, dance and yoga beginning in her early teens. Her love of movement as a means of expression as well as healing informs her style as a yoga teacher. Her classes incorporate dynamic movement as part of a yoga practice to increase somatic awareness as well as fluidity, flexibility, balance and strength in the body/mind.
Her main area of study in yoga has been adapting yoga to the needs of the individual in the tradition of Sri Krishnamacharya, TVK Desikachar, and BKS Iyengar. Kundalini yoga as well as various forms of Hatha and Vinyasa flow sequencing also influence her teaching. She has practiced Buddhist meditation for a number of years and encourages a gentle focus on the natural breath as part of movement awareness.
She graduated from The Movement Center's Hatha Teacher Training Program in June 2013 and has continued her studies and completed a 6- month intensive with International meditation teacher Thomas Huebl in his Authentic Awakening Advanced course as well as courses in trauma and its impact on the brain through the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine.







       WENDY WONG   Hatha yoga allows us to move with breath and attention.  This focus opens a doorway to the deep and profound sense of Self.  Each class is an opportunity for each of us to rediscover and expand this awareness.  I look forward to meeting you on   Mondays, 5:45-6:45PM for the $5 Community Yoga   class happening in the meditation hall before the public meditation program.

Hatha yoga allows us to move with breath and attention.  This focus opens a doorway to the deep and profound sense of Self.  Each class is an opportunity for each of us to rediscover and expand this awareness.  I look forward to meeting you on Mondays, 5:45-6:45PM for the $5 Community Yoga class happening in the meditation hall before the public meditation program.