Ruth Knight, ERYT500

Director of Yoga Teacher Training.
Rest & Restore, Individual Instruction

I began studying and teaching yoga in the 1980’s when it was relatively obscure, and have spent my adult life studying with some great hatha yoga teachers, namely Mukunda Stiles, A.G. Mohan and Indra Mohan, Gary Kraftsow, and Linda Lack, Ph.D.  My guru, Swami Chetanananda, has been my guide and inspiration.

In addition to managing The Movement Center's Yoga Teacher Training, I teach a weekly Rest and Restore Yoga practice.
The goal of Rest and Restore Yoga is to unite mind and body into a comfortable rhythmic breath.  We practice allowing ourselves to get still and be breathed calmly by our body so that we can connect to a centered, strong and loving place within us

During Rest and Restore we learn to loosen the reins on our breathing and allow our mind to relax into the flow of our inhalation and exhalation. The result is an experience of turning stress into FLOW.

Every 1-hour class starts with simple yoga movements followed by a guided experience of relaxing the breath. Ample quiet time is given so you can be in your own experience. Everyone is welcome!