Peaceful Yoga

Amber came to her first-ever meditation class at The Movement Center 6 years ago and it forever changed the connection she has to herself and her yoga practice. By harmonizing intentional movement with the breath, the experience of deep release and softening while on the mat allows authenticity and creativity to flow off the mat, into the rest of your day. Amber’s intention is to help you access the subtle flow of energy throughout the body and the activity of the mind. The practice of observing our dynamic experiences fluctuate, provides us with more choice in how we respond, how we spend our energy, and can help free us from cycles of habitual reactivity. This skill of observing without engaging in our thoughts requires self compassion. Amber aims to help you move away from self judgement and towards self compassion as a deep expression of self care. Amber’s classes move at a slower pace, allowing time to hear and honor your body’s innate wisdom. Amber weaves poetry into her classes, provides modifications and utilizes props to support a safe and joyful practice.