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This beautiful ritual is performed monthly to reinvigorate ourselves and our environment. We make a variety of offerings and prayers for the well being of all, especially our community. We evoke the things that delight us and offer them all to the goddesses, gurus and dakinis associated with the practice.


One of our Tibetan Buddhist practices, the Queen of Great Bliss is a tsok--a puja where the community gathers for a feast that includes flowers, food, wine, music and dance to uplift the environment and all  beings around us. The practice celebrates the creative energy of life in all dimensions and expresses our appreciation for the beauty in our lives. We invite a rain of blessings from the gurus of the lineage as well as the mandala of deities associated with the practice. The practice includes a long life prayer as well. 

All are welcome to join us for this beautiful ceremony. Offerings are welcome although not required.