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A millennium ago, the Indian yogi Padampa Sangye visited Tibet, settling near Mount Everest in the area of Dingri Langkor. There Padampa Sangye instituted a new spiritual lineage, the Zhije or Pacifier tradition, which focuses on relieving the suffering of all beings as quickly as possible.

The Zhije tradition has been greatly influential in all the schools of Tibetan Buddhism. Lama Tsering Wangdu Rinpoche, who was born in Dingri, is an accomplished practitioner of this tradition.

On November 21 and 22, Rinpoche will be giving teachings and empowerments for three special and very powerful meditation practices from the Zhije tradition.  The texts for these had been guarded for centuries by a group of nuns in Dingri Valley, who arranged to have them carried out of Tibet so they could be translated and published. The practices are:

  • Marchungma, Honoring the Mandala of the Mother Who Has Two Faces:  A Varjavarahi Sadahana
  • Glorious Giver of Siddhi: A Troma Nagmo Secret Sadhana Torma Empowerment
  • The Essence of Clear Light:  A Heart Practice of Mahasiddha Saraha

The schedule for the program is:

Saturday, November 21:  11 am to 5 pm
Sunday, November 22: 10 am to 1 pm

All are welcome. A $100 donation to the center is requested to cover the cost of the texts, translator, and ritual offerings. (No one will be turned away for lack of funds.) Participants should bring a separate offering to Rinpoche. Rinpoche also welcomes financial support for restoration of his damaged monastery in Kathmandu.

For questions or to register, email Swami Prakashananda.

Later Event: December 24