why we meditate

In the stillness of meditation a deep healing occurs. Superficially, at the level of your thought patterns and your capacity for intentional attention, but more deeply too, at the level of your nervous system and deep cellular tissue. 

The stress in our lives wreaks havoc on our systems and takes a toll over time. This buildup of tensions disrupts our capacity to process our life experience  - and the accumulated trauma gets stored in our tissues and cells, over time becoming that which weighs on our hearts, and that which deteriorates and invades the mind and body. Meditation can begin to release these accumulated tensions, and to teach our nervous system, and soul, a deeper way of being - and to experience something sublime within.

Another blessing of meditation is that we begin to get to know ourselves in a way that was not available to us before. We begin to recognize the thought and tension patterns that are holding us back and keep us prisoners of our own unconscious reactivity and its consequences. Through our meditation practice we discover that we no longer have to be unconsciously dragged around by these tensions, we begin to learn to very intentionally, very attentively, very consciously, release them and begin to make different choices which ultimately enhance our lives and bring greater ease, elegance, and joy into our being.

Meditation is a discipline, and as such, the more you put into it, the more you will get from it. Of course everyone is uncomfortable at first - expect the first 3-9 months of practice to be a process of learning to stay, to relax, and to focus - but! the transformation you will see in yourself, in your relationships, in your work, and in your heart, will be so meaningful, and so refreshing, that you will be nothing but grateful for the process and the effort you’ve made.

It is our intention to support you in connecting to your own heart and truth, to help you free yourself from the chains of fear, anxiety, tension, grief, self-doubt and more; and to help you live from a deeper place within on a daily basis. Through your dedication and your meditation practice, an unimaginable possibility will open up for you. We are so happy to be of support to you in this endeavor.