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Rudi's Tantric Teachings (digital audio)

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Rudi's Tantric Teachings (digital audio)


Swami Chetanananda

Swami Rudrananda (Rudi) taught Swami Chetanananda what he called his tantric practice in the months just prior to his passing in 1973. Remarkably, without translations and texts to guide him, Rudi had developed a teaching that is consistent with a practice tradition thousands of years old.

Swamiji says that tantrism is a way to accumulate power in order to radiate truth and love.  We work within ourselves to bring our best self forward.  This is the rational pathway.  At the next level, work becomes flow.  With flow, we rise to a trans-rational space.  We are whole.  Every experience becomes like flavors in a perfectly prepared meal.  If you keep coming back to your own heart and soul, the truth will be the truth of your own experience understood in your own way.

The program was recorded at the July 2016 retreat at The Movement Center in Portland, OR.

Part 1 (57:58)
Part 2 (49:16)
Part 3 (08:13)
Listen to Your Heart (9:38)
Building on Sand (11:46)
Models and Surrender (06:10)
How to Meditate (08:33)

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About the Author

Swami Chetanananda is a master of Trika Yoga practice and a teacher in the lineage of Bhagavan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri and Swami Rudrananda. He is the abbot and spiritual director of The Movement Center, based in Portland, Oregon.

Swamiji works with students to awaken their creative energy and support them in the process of its unfoldment. He teaches Dynamic Stillness practice, a direct transmission meditation in which teacher and student share the experience of the underlying unity of all things.

Swamiji has a profound grasp of Kashmir Shaivism and the other philosophical and practice traditions he has studied. He conveys their essence in direct and accessible terms, making them relevant to everyday circumstances. He offers simple, practical techniques for working with creative energy that can be practiced by anyone. The fundamental method uses the power of the breath to circulate the creative energy (kundalini) and intensify its flow so that tensions and obstacles are dissolved, leading to a more refined awareness.