Episode 1: Awakening the power, beauty and magic that is within you.

In this talk, given at The Movement Center in Portland Oregon to a group of Yoga Teacher Trainees led by internationally renowned teacher Sianna Sherman, Swami Chetanananda explains the essence and purpose of Sadhana, spiritual practice.

“Sadhana is about training ourselves to hold the awareness of our body and our breath and the energy of Life itself purely and completely in a moment. To dissolves ourselves in bliss over and over and over again until we’re liberated from every delusion about life on Earth. This brings us complete happiness, unfathomable abundance and unimaginable possibility to bring benefit into the lives of others” - Swami Chetanananda

Some points he touches upon:

  • Spiritual work  as a pathway towards freedom from fear.
  • The requirement of finding your breath in order to feel your bodies and dispel fear.
  • Using the breath to find the chakras and the channels of your energetic body, to feel what you are beyond your body, to feel what your Essence is.
  • Insights he gained about Kundalini energy while working closely with osteopath Dr. Rollin Becker.
  • Shares stories about who he studied Sri Vidya with and how
  • What is the Shri Chakra, the different elements within the Shri Chakra.
  • The nature of Prakasha and Vimarsha.
  • The Shri Chakra’s association with the Goddess and all her forms.
  • What the Shri Chakra Puja is about.
  • Swami talks about his own daily Shri Chakra Puja practice, what he does and the meaning.
  • The letters of the Sanskrit Alphabet.
  • The nature of Shaktipat.
  • Connection to real Spiritual Teachers, encountering their magic and their humanity.
  • The Importance of regular practice.
  • The most loving thing you can do for yourself in this life.
  • and more...