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Part 1 in a Therapeutic Master Class Series with Isa Raim

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In this 2-1/2 hour workshop our focus will be on the body’s foundation, namely the feet. Standing, walking, dancing etc. is our main vehicle for transporting our bodies, and misalignments in the feet are a huge cause of muscle and joint pain throughout the entire body.

The arches and musculature of the feet work in synergy with the core to support your entire structure in daily movement. Cultivating awareness, ease and strength in the feet is movement medicine that helps us to stand with confidence and poise in our lives.

No prior experience needed. All levels are welcome. We will start from the ground and work our way to standing poses.

About the Inner and Outer Alignment Series:

Come explore body-consciousness awareness through a series of movements and experimental approaches to movement and yoga. Gain insight into your own body-mind alignment, and how to improve your own personal practice, or moving in general. Absolutely everyone is welcome

Isa Raim

Isa is a yoga teacher with a physical therapy background, rooted in a Sri Vidya tantric approach to yoga philosophy and life.  Essential to his offerings in meditation and movement is the idea that everything in our daily life can be related to a higher purpose.

Through a mix of alignment, self-inquiry, and a practice full of joy and freedom, laughter and bhakti, Isa encourages you to find your own authentic expression.

Whether you are spiritual, religious, or neither, Isa offers a space to get into wholly into sync with whatever is present at the moment.

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