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A 4-day Workshop Retreat with Swami Chetanananda

Thursday, April 25 – Sunday, April 28

We are pleased to announce that Swami Chetanananda will lead a workshop retreat in Portland this April on the topic of The Goddess and The Śrī Chakra Practice. Swamiji will present a discussion of the Goddess and how She relates to our lives and our human body.  From the ancient tradition of Śrī Vidya, Swamiji will transmit the daily practice of the Śrī Chakra puja, complete with the worship sequence, mantras and mudras. This is a rarely given teaching, and we encourage all those interested to take advantage of this opportunity to receive these teachings now.

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“We make offerings of beauty into beauty for the sake of beauty,
so that we come to realize this beauty as the center of ourselves.”

Swami Chetanananda about the Śrī Chakra Puja

Topics which will be covered as part of Swamiji’s workshop teaching:

  • The Goddess and Our Lives

  • The Structure of the Śrī Chakra

  • The Human Energetic System and the Śrī Chakra

  • The Śrī Vidyā Mantra, the Mantra of the Goddess

  • The Sequence of the Śrī Chakra Puja with Mantras, Bijas and Mudras


For more information about Śrī Vidyā, The Goddess Tripurasundarī and the Lalitā puja at The Movement Center, please follow this link:

The retreat schedule each day will include morning meditation with Swamiji, Śrī Lalitā puja, Hatha yoga class and a 2 hour workshop teaching with Swamiji. In addition, Swamiji will be conducting a Havan (fire ceremony) on Friday evening in honor of the Goddess for the blessing of all. And, on Thursday and Saturday evenings, he will teach an open-eyes transmission of the energy of the Goddess.

“These are special mystical teachings, delivered by one who has studied deeply and intensively. All should attend this workshop that have any interest or feel they have the capacity to carry this wisdom. It is profound and you will have a profound experience.”
—Marc Ketchel, Swami Sivananda, and Co-founder of Organic Vegan Superfoods.

Included with your full workshop retreat fee:

  • Access to the online Śrī Chakra Puja course, complete with videos and downloadable reading materials, normally a $199 value.

  • A printed copy of the Daily Worship of The Śrī Chakra practice manual.

“The Śrī Chakra practice, which Swami Chetanananda transmits is the most beautiful practice. I felt as though I was awakening my divinity in every inch and crevice of my body. The teachings have profoundly carved the course of my life. Swami Chetanananda has spent his life dedicated to this practice, so that when he teaches its vast array of knowledge to you, it is transmitted in an energetic way alongside the practice work he gives you to take away. Pure magic is the energy of Swamiji, pure magic!” — Autumn Rose, Yoga teacher and student

Please register by April 20th, so that we can print your Śri Chakra Puja practice manual for you in time for the workshop.

Fee: $379

Payment plans may be arranged, and some full and partial scholarships are available—inquire here.

Accommodations in the ashram are available. Information about rooms and fees are given during the registration process.

For more information, please call The Movement Center office: 503.231.0383. 

We will livestream Swamiji’s morning teachings; you may register for the livestream below: