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We practice the Long Life Puja once a month to renew and strengthen the life force for ourselves and everyone in our community. In the Long Life Puja, participants summon the vital energy and life force from the elements and universal powers through meditation and visualization. When our energy is weak and unbalanced, this longevity practice can strengthen and coordinate it. 

By strengthening our creative energy, this practice has the effect of extending our lifespan so that we can continue to practice, expand our awareness, and be of loving service to all beings. Like our Queen of Great Bliss and Chöd practices, this ceremony is from the Longchen Nyingthig Cycle of Teachings and was transmitted to us by Lama Tsering Wangdu Rinpoche.

Everyone is welcome to attend and share in the blessings of the practice. This event will be livestreamed, so if you can’t attend in person, you can watch it on YouTube Live.