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The 100 Handprint Healing Puja is effective to help others release trauma and tension and alleviate mental, physical and emotional suffering. It can be beneficial for those suffering from illness, stress and emotional issues.

During the 100 Handprint Ritual, recipients lie down while the practice is being performed. There are prayers, chanting and extensive offerings. The instruments used are a bell, a double-sided drum, and a bone trumpet.

In the ritual, practitioners give of themselves to release the disturbances present in the environment. Through giving, the practitioner learns about the unity at the heart of life, and all those present share the benefit from the offering that is made.

We perform the 100 Handprint Ritual on the first 3 Fridays of every month.  Please call our office at 503.231.0383 by 5 pm on Thursday to reserve a place if you would like to be a recipient.