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Eyes Open Meditation with Swami Chetanananda (Oakland, CA)

This is a rare opportunity to receive direct transmission from a profoundly accomplished teacher. 

In eyes open practice, we learn to open deeply inside and become attuned to the flow of our own life force or kundalini. We make contact with our breath and the more subtle aspects of our being. This opening creates the space for our  life force to start to rise up and express itself in new and astonishing ways. Eventually we become aware of a richness and beauty in our life that is truly extraordinary.

Contact with the teacher in eyes open class is a deeply nourishing and uplifting experience that can transform us as well as our entire lives.



Yoga in Daily Life Bay Area
100 Grand Ave
Ste 112 (corner of Valdez St. & 23 rd St.) 
Oakland, CA 94612

SWAMI CHETANANANDA is the founder and abbot of The Movement Center, based in Portland, Oregon. He is a holder of both Hindu and Buddhist lineages who has practiced and taught meditation for over 40 years. His continual commitment to develop himself for the benefit of others is reflected in his devotion to healing community and humanity through his work. His profound teachings are simple, relevant and practical. His powerful presence is a source of great nourishment for transformation.