Teacher Training Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the prerequisites for applying to your teacher training program?

A: You need to have an regular asana practice that is beyond beginner level. Entering intoWe accept students versed in all asana practice styles. We would like for you to have experienced asana deeply within yourself, to know the basics of alignment, and be able to integrate breath with asana.

We welcome people who are genuinely interested in service to others, and who find joy in learning and opening themselves to growth and transformation.


Q: Can I take your training even if I don’t plan on becoming a yoga teacher?

A: Yes, it’s possible to complete the training solely for personal enrichment.


Q: Can your training accommodate a specific niche interest, or individual physical needs?

A: If you are hoping to teach a specific audience, or have extenuating physical issues, we may be able to customize the training for you. Additional fees would apply. Please mention this when you call, and we can discuss your interests/needs at the interview.


Q: What if I have to miss classes?

A: Attendance and active engagement at all programs is required. Should you miss a program due to emergency (illness, etc.) we will work with you to help you make up content. If you know you have a schedule conflict on the front side, please let us know at your interview. Trainees missing a substantial number of hours will be asked to defer graduation until the following year.


Q: Will I be able to find work teaching yoga after completing your training?

A: There is no guarantee that you will find a job teaching yoga in a studio. As you can imagine, there are many yoga teachers vying for the same jobs. We encourage you to think about what inspires you to teach, and to take action to move in that direction.
There is no limit to the number of people who can benefit from your teaching yoga. Schools, social service agencies, your workplace, or neighborhood associations to name a few. Follow your passion, do your homework and network. With that said, many of our graduates teach at studios or facilities in Portland, the greater Pacific Northwest and beyond. Several of our students have opened their own yoga studios, and others are actively serving our veterans, seniors, and other specialized audiences.


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