We welcome new visitors to the Movement Center's Boston Meditation Center!

We are a group of dedicated practitioners happy to share our meditation practice. 

Eyes Open Meditation

We meet every in Medford Wednesday and Saturday night for a program that includes eyes open meditation with Daniel Spencer. On Saturdays, the program is followed by a potluck dinner.

If you are planning to come but have not yet attended the introduction to eyes-open meditation, please let us know and Daniel will meet you at 6:30 to teach you. He's also happy to review the meditation technique if you'd like a refresher.

We meet at the home of Daniel and Terri Spencer, which is one block up from Medford Square. There is free public parking immediately off the square by the large ice cream shop, which is close to their home.

For more information, call Daniel at 781-316-7473 or Terri at 781-801-4736.


On Tuesdays at 7:00pm there is a closed eye meditation program at 218 Boston St. #109 Topsfield, MA 01983. For more information call Aiden Seraphim at 978-701-5125.