Kari Gronningsater

Hatha Yoga (All Levels)

In 2005 I received my Hatha Yoga teaching certificate from the Ananda Community in Nevada City, California where I also lived. I guided hatha yoga classes for 4 years there  before moving to Portland Oregon where I’ve continued to practice on my own with the guidance of some great teachers.

I'd like to share my thoughts on hatha yoga practice with you on why Hatha yoga and not a gym routine or going for a run or some other mode of exercise.

The ancient science of yoga evolved with an understanding that we (humans) are a creative energetic mechanism and that our bodies are a physical expression of this creative energy. As we move through an asana practice with breath awareness, we learn to make contact with this finer, deeper quality within us, our essence. With this intention guiding our practice we not only become stronger and more relaxed, but also healthier both physically and mentally—dare I say joyful!  There is a magic that happens.

I came across a simple quote which really got my attention, “Where awareness goes, prana flows.” Simple; and yet to experience our awareness and our life force - prana as not only symbiotic but inseparable, for me, speaks to that magic- transcending both our minds and ultimately our bodies.

Hatha yoga has been a valuable tool for releasing tension and making contact with this life force in myself, an energy that exists in each of us.
I look forward to teaching and sharing the deep benefits of hatha yoga with you at The Movement Center in my Thursday 9:30-10:45 a.m. all levels Hatha Yoga class.

Each of my classes will start with breath awareness for centering and then gentle movement for releasing tensions.  From a relaxed state we will move into a combination of strengthening postures and vinyasa, ending with cool down and deep relaxation.