Yoga Class Schedule

Scroll down to see our day-to-day yoga class schedule.  Allow it a few moments to load.  If you want to sign-in for a specific class prior to attending, you're welcome to click on the class and preregister. You're also welcome to simply drop-in and let the receptionist check you into class.

The Movement Center is located at 1021 N.E. 33rd Ave., Portland 97232, one block from Sandy Blvd. We are readily accessible from North Portland, Interstate 84, and Southeast Portland.

Our yoga classes include classical Hatha Yoga, Chi Core Yoga, and Core Centricity for strengthening, Yoga for Seniors, and breath and relaxation-focused practices to reduce stress and tone the nervous system. Related movement modalities such as Thinking Body-Feeling Mind® and Feldenkrais® are also available. 

If you'd like to stay abreast of new classes and programs, we'd love to have you on our mailing list.  We promise to never share your contact information with anyone.

The real sunrise is in the sky of the heart;
It is the best one.
Just as the water jar reflects the sun,
So the entire universe shines
In the heart-space of the Self.
When you are in a train, the whole world
Appears to pass by.
Similarly, the whole universe can be known
Within the Self.
— Bhagavan Nityananda