About Our Yoga Classes

We teach hatha yoga - the style of yoga whose purpose is to help you increase flow and well-being by infusing breath and awareness deeply into the body.

Hatha yoga is a very practical teaching.  It teaches us to release our tensions and live from our center in order to better adapt and flow with our total environment.


If you can breathe, you can do yoga! It's important to us that asana is taught from and with the breath. Why?

  • If we can learn to keep our mind centered within our breath and body while moving through a series of yoga poses, we can extend that capacity beyond the yoga class into our whole life.
  • Trusting our breath to lead our movements, it becomes clear when our effort is too much (we hold our breath, or become breathless) or too little (our mind wanders).
  • Learning to relax and go fully into the stillness of your natural breath, you may find a doorway to the expansion of your spirit!

your practice goals

While in class, we strongly encourage you to pay attention to your own goals and your body's needs. Try to stay within your own experience and avoid falling into lockstep with the group practice dynamic if it doesn’t seem useful to you.  Always ask your instructor for guidance when you need it.

Which class is right for you?

Our method of teaching asana and breathing makes it ideally suited for those needing a more measured pace of movement, or wanting to connect more deeply with their breath and spirit.  Our yoga is the perfect adjunct to meditation practice.

On our schedule you'll find classes ranging from gentle to core-strengthening and everywhere in-between. Regardless of your age, physical condition, or life style, yoga at The Movement Center is a dynamic experience that will put a spring in your step and smile on your face. You'll feel energized and more alive! 

If you have questions about a specific class, please email us at myyoga@themovementcenter.com, or call 503-231-0383, ext 2201.