Swamiji's teachings focus on awakening our creative energy through the the exploration of awareness and breath--the pathway to understanding our true nature. Awakening our creative energy changes our understanding of ourselves and our experience, and allows us to find within ourselves, anytime we consciously engage it, a sweetness and a richness that is forever within us. Once awakened and cultivated, that energy becomes a power that uplifts and transforms our understanding of ourselves and the experience that we have of our life.

If we are relaxed and in touch with our bodies, we are able to feel the extraordinary vibrancy of the breath within us, and we will experience the subtle breath within our breathing. Having the energy to hold our mind present in our bodies and in our breath and the subtlety that is within our breath, we will become aware of this profound and sacred potentiality that is present within us always.

As taught by an authentic teacher, the practice of yoga, which brings us to the power of spirit within us, puts us in touch with our own energetic mechanism, the mechanism by which, according to ancient tradition, the power of spirit becomes first our soul and then our heart and then our mind and then our body. In physics, scientists have noted that when a particular atom takes on more energy, the orbit of the electrons moves out, and at a certain point, it takes on enough energy that it starts to shed electrons. A teacher is an energy source that widens our orbit to the point of transcending it. The teacher guides us in finding the place within ourselves where a transformation can take place that has the potential to be truly profound and self-sustaining.
— Swami Chetanananda

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