200-hour Yoga Teacher Training:


Welcome!  We are honored that you are considering The Movement Center’s 200-hour hatha yoga teacher training.  The ancient teachings and tools of hatha yoga and meditation are sorely needed in our world.  We are eager to share a teacher training program that we feel will open your mind and heart to the potential you have for serving others through yoga. Our training is truly in service to all ages and stages of life.

Study with us and embark on a personal transformation, meet people who share your values, and have fun learning.  You’ll work hard to gain teaching skills, and find joy in your challenges. 

Our training is generous in its scope, including yoga practice for all the stages of life. In our view, one's entire life from childhood to their dying day may be cultivated within the grace, strength, and joy of yoga. 

We look for candidates who,

  • understand yoga is a method for deeply integrating body, mind, and spirit.
  • have an asana practice that is beyond beginner. It doesn't matter what style of yoga asana you currently practice.
  • endeavor to align themselves with and LIVE their life with love and respect for all
  • wish to teach yoga in the spirit of service
  • enjoy a collaborative and creative classroom experience
  • are willing to immerse themselves in the program and follow through with assignments

If you feel called to serve others and you wish to wholeheartedly immerse yourself in learning to teach while deepening your own practice, we invite you to be in touch to learn more about our training program. We would love to support you in discovering the teacher who lives in your heart.

If your intention is to deepen your personal practice without the expectation of becoming certified to teach, you are welcome to apply.  We are happy to work with you based on your interests, provided they are in synch with the goals and needs of the training.

Our program is offered on weekends, days, and evenings and is flexible to accommodate a variety of work, school, parenting, and other life schedules.  Most of the training will happen on site at The Movement Center. Some segments will be online.

Enter the fire-circle
In the inner sky of the heart
Where Shiva and Shakti merge and play,
Where past, present, and future merge
To come together in the bindu.
In this undifferentiated point
Find the fire of spiritual wisdom.
Meditate on this fire.
Attain the seat of consciousness in the head.
Let the vital breath unite with Shiva and
Dance as the one Self.
Conquer mantra and yantra,
The symbols spoken and the symbols drawn.

Let the higher mind rise
To the center of the sky of consciousness
And become one with the dawn of the Self.
Offer up the body’s properties and actions
And let your spirit merge with the absolute Self.
Seat your spirit at the sushumna channel’s crest,
Its real home.
Let the sense of “mine” and “yours” merge.
Let all properties of the individual be unified.
— Bhagavan Nityananda