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There Is No Other

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There Is No Other


by Swami Chetanananda

A single unity underlies all life. How can you directly experience this unity? In this book Swamiji takes you on a spiritual journey to discover that the power that created the universe is present in all of us. As you understand that you are not separate from anyone or anything in this life, feelings of isolation, anger, envy, and fear give way to love and compassion. You will learn simple, profound, and practical ways to live a life of love, growth and integration.

"In There Is No Other, Swami Chetanananda leads us through the corridors of spiritual aspiration with the mind of a mathematician, the heart of a saint, and the soul of a poet." --Roger Morrison, M.D., co-founder Hahnemann College of Homeopathy

288 pages

ISBN 0-915801-88-4

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Swami Chetanananda is a master of Trika Yoga practice and a teacher in the lineage of Bhagavan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri. He is the abbot and spiritual director of The Movement Center, based in Portland, Oregon.

Swamiji works with students to awaken their creative energy and support them in the process of its unfoldment. He teaches Dynamic Stillness practice, a direct transmission meditation in which teacher and student share the experience of the underlying unity of all things.

Swamiji has a profound grasp of Kashmir Shaivism and the other philosophical and practice traditions he has studied. He conveys their essence in direct and accessible terms, making them relevant to everyday circumstances. He offers simple, practical techniques for working with creative energy that can be practiced by anyone. The fundamental method uses the power of the breath to circulate the creative energy (kundalini) and intensify its flow so that tensions and obstacles are dissolved, leading to a more refined awareness.