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The Miasms of Homeopathy (DVD)


The Miasms of Homeopathy (DVD)


This seminar on Miasms features patient video cases, presented by Dr. Roger Morrison, MD and Nancy Herrick, MA, PA.

The seminar includes the following:

  • Introduction to Miasms
  • Acute Miasms
  • Thyphoid Miasm
  • Malarial Miasm
  • Sycotic Miasm
  • Cancer Miasm
  • Tubercular Miasm Part 1
  • Tubercular Miasm Part 2
  • Leprosy Miasm
  • Syphilitic Miasm Part 1
  • Syphilitic Miasm Part 2
  • Quiz:  Part 1-4

Introduction to Miasms/0:30:35

Acute Miasm/2:03:57

Malarial Miasm/1:57:53

Cancer Miasm/2:07:01

Leprosy Miasm/1:32:38

Ringworm Miasm/1:39:32

Sycotic Miasm/2:19:53

Tubercular Miasm Part 1/1:40:32

Tubercular Miasm Part 2/1:43:54

Syphilitic Miasm Part 1/1:10:33

Syphilitic Miasm Part 2/0:58:59

Quiz Part 1/1:42:05

Quiz Part 2/0:51:53

Quiz Part 3/1:54:13

Quiz Part 4/1:16:38

  • This Seminar is to be used only for individual, private Professional Educational purposes.
  • Professional Ethics require that the confidential nature of the patient videos be respected by the buyer.
  • No portion of this program may be shown to any group without the written permission of Rudra Press.
  • The DVDs comprising this program may not be duplicated in whole or in part without the written permission of Rudra Press.
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Presenters: Dr. Roger Morrison, MD & Nancy Herrick, MA, PA, DH

Drs. Morrison and Herrick are two of the foremost educators and leaders of homeopathy in the United States for over twenty years.  They founded the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy and Hahnemann Medical Clinic.  Authors, lecturers and clinicians they have shared their extensive knowledge of homeopathy in this course.