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Yoginihrdaya (Heart of the Yogini) & Sri Chakra Puja (DVD)

Yoginihrdaya Winter 2013 cover.jpg
Yoginihrdaya Winter 2013 cover.jpg
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Yoginihrdaya (Heart of the Yogini) & Sri Chakra Puja (DVD)


by Swami Chetanananda

Yoginihrdaya (The Heart of the Yogini) is an 11th century Tantric Hindu text recently translated by Andre Padoux. During this program, tantric master Swami Chetanananda (Swamiji) discusses the text and the Śri Chakra puja that is its core practice. 

The Yoginīhrydaya expresses an understanding, meditation and worship of the Goddess known as Tripurasundari, whose actual meditation and worship is called the Śri Chakra puja.  Swamiji explains how this occurs through the yantra, mantra and regular worship of the deity and, more importantly, reveals its relevance to today’s practitioner. 

Recorded at a December 2013 Retreat at The Movement Center in Portland, OR.

  • Disc 1:  1:28:48

  • Disc 2: 1:48:19

  • Disc 3: 1:35:00

  • Disc 4: 1:32:39

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Author, Swami Chetanananda

Swami Chetanananda ("Swamiji") is the abbot and spiritual director of the Movement Center. He encourages his students to discover the amazing possibility that resides within them, and to connect and live from it each day. A teacher in the lineage of Bhagavan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri, he is a powerful presence and a source of great nourishment for those who come in contact with him.