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Prenatal Yoga: A Complete Home Practice (DVD)


Prenatal Yoga: A Complete Home Practice (DVD)


Our award-winning program, developed by teachers at The Movement Center yoga studio, will help you experience total well-being throughout your pregnancy. It includes three separate routines that can be linked together or combined for a longer workout, plus three guided deep relaxations. Each routine has a different emphasis so you can choose your program according what you need to do that day and how much time you have.

For beginners as well as experienced yoga practitioners, here's an easy way to make the many benefits of hatha yoga practice available to you as you prepare for childbirth and motherhood. This also makes a great gift.

Total length: 120 minutes

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1.  Open (24 min.)

      Theme:  Attune and center

      Poses: Seated and kneeling poses

      Breath lesson:  Full rhythmic breath

2.  Focus (32 min.)

        Theme:  Energize and strengthen

        Poses:  Standing and seated poses

        Breath lesson:  Deep “ocean” breath

3.  Surrender (23 min.)

        Theme:  Relax and release

        Poses:  Side-lying poses

        Breath lesson:  Space between breaths

Guided Deep Relaxations (10 min. each)

     Flower- Draw energy in, using sense of smell

     Feather- Feel light and free, using sense of touch

     Clock - Focus your mind, using sense of sound