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Prenatal Sun Salute (DVD)


Prenatal Sun Salute (DVD)


Our signature Prenatal Sun Salute lets you use your yoga practice to energize and feel great during your pregnancy. The classic sun salutation sequence (surya namaskar) has been modified so that you can practice it safely while pregnant.

Designed especially for your changing body, this unique program gives you an effective and efficient yoga practice. You’ll learn how to do the routine in just 20 minutes using simple props, such as a chair and a wall.  There are also 5-minute ("flowing") and 10-minute ("holding") versions. A short guided deep relaxation is included.

Total length: 45 minutes

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1.  Step by Step Instruction - Learn the routine in just 20 minutes

2.  Flowing Version - Practice 1 movement per breath (5 min. per cycle)

3.  Holding Version - Stay a breath in each pose (12 min. per cycle)

4.  Relax - Rest at the end in one of two positions