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Nityananda: The Divine Presence

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Nityananda: The Divine Presence


by M.U. Hatengdi

Who was this man who millions around the world consider one of the greatest saints of this century? What special gifts and insights captured their hearts and minds? Fascinating eyewitness accounts and over 45 previously unpublished photographs offer an intimate portrait of a life filled with the divine presence. 

"The stories... paint a portrait of a man who was remarkable in every aspect. As far as it is possible to reveal mystery, they reveal his mystery; as far as it is possible to capture grace, they capture his grace; as far as it is possible to put words to the Divine, they testify to his divinity."--Swami Chetanananda, from the Foreword

Used Paperback in good condition-slightly worn cover or binding
175 pages
ISBN 0-915801-76-0

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