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Foundations of Homeopathy: Homeopathic Theory, Vol. 1 (DVD)


Foundations of Homeopathy: Homeopathic Theory, Vol. 1 (DVD)


This series of lectures presents the philosophy and practical theory which underlie the practice of homeopathy. The writing of Hahnemann, Kent, and Vithoulkas are explored to give the student an understanding of the historical, philosophical, and scientific basis of homeopathy.

Volume I (6 DVDs, 10 Lectures) topics:

  • Introduction to Homeopathic Theory
  • Overview of Homeopathy
  • Introduction to the Organon
  • Research in Homeopathy, Introduction to Books
  • Introduction to the Repertory
  • Evolution of a Remedy
  • Acute Case Taking
  • Repertory: Generalities
  • Essence & Central Delusion
  • Laws of Similars
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Presenters:  Roger Morrison, MD & Nancy Herrick, MA, PA, DH

Drs. Morrison and Herrick are two of the foremost educators and leaders of homeopathy in the United States for over twenty years.  They founded the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy and Hahnemann Medical Clinic.  Authors, lecturers and clinicians they have shared their extensive knowledge of homeopathy in this course.