How do we recover from injuries? How do our accumulated compensations limit our freedom of expression?  How we excel in our chosen field of body movement (as a hiker, a swimmer a dancer, a meditator, a performer…?) How do we easefully, vibrantly inhabit our lives (as a pregnant person, a  child, a young person, a middle aged person, an older person….?) How do we have a dialogue with the body in times of grief, stress, change, uncertainty?  These are questions that we all ask and Linda Lack, Ph.D. answers with “The Thinking Body - The Feeling Mind®”.

“The Thinking Body, The Thinking Mind®” is a developmental movement modality created by Linda Lack.  Using the sound principles of kinesiology, the holistic approach of yoga, the joyful expression of dance and decades of experience moving and helping others to move,  Linda Lack, Ph.D. has created a comprehensive and integrated approach to living in body.  “The human body did not come with a users manual.” she says.  It is her goal to provide one with “The Thinking Body  - The Feeling Mind®”. 

An article in LA Magazine describes her approach:

"Through the use of progressively linked sequences that gently awaken and warm up the joints, the movements intelligently allow the body to not merely move into a shape, but to actually create the energetic expression of what it feels like to be in a dialogue between all the levels and layers of the body and mind. …It is a technique that is therapeutic and educational at its very core, teaching us how we can live from the inside out."

“The Thinking Body  - The Feeling Mind®” as a movement modality can be practiced in group classes or individual private appointments.  Both are useful and important.  Employing TBFM in a regular way keeps us in touch with our selves, our bodies and our minds as we move through our life.  Private sessions are an opportunity to address specific personal issues and tailor the material in an individual way.