Are you looking for a deeper journey, relief from stressful life demands, or for help in making a significant transition in your life? Or maybe you simply feel that there's something more to life? Our Northeast Portland retreat center can be your place for refuge, reflection, and internal reorganization--and time dedicated to building connections that will support your further growth.

We regularly welcome guests from our local Oregon community, from places all over the United States, and from all around the world. Even if you feel drawn to be here for no apparent reason, honor the impulse. It could  be one of the most important things you ever do. Any number of our guests have found that to be the case.

A retreat at The Movement Center offers an unparalleled opportunity to build a foundation for meditation, spiritual practice, and hatha yoga that you can maintain long after you’ve returned to the busy-ness of the outside world. In the dynamic setting of our unique urban ashram, you can take time to connect to your deepest self, develop a new perspective on life, and learn how to connect to and express your creative essence in a way that will positively affect every aspect of your life.

Here are a few reasons to do a personal retreat:

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  • Remove yourself from ordinary distractions to discover the inner you
  • De-stress and learn life skills through yoga and meditation
  • Take your spiritual practice to a deeper level
  • Celebrate a life passage
  • Focus on healing and well-being through our Vajrayana practices
  • Experience living in a spiritual community

from one of our recent guests….

My time of retreat at The Movement Center was one of letting go, opening, and being filled. From the moment I arrived, I was welcomed warmly by everyone I met and was immediately invited into the community through meals, meditation, yoga classes, and service. I have never experienced a spiritual community like this. I am in awe of the grounding you have gained through the discipline of daily meditation practice. You live consciously together with love and respect and an honoring of life and each other. I feel your connection to God. Your openness and love and warmth flowed right to me. I feel I’ve been at the fountain. I feel loved, honored, and filled. Thank you.



Retreats are scheduled around group morning and evening meditations, hatha yoga, and self-guided study. You’ll have unstructured time daily to take walks, rest, journal, read, and simply “be.” 

A mentor will meet with you, guide you in your participation, and answer your questions. Private instruction in hatha yoga or the Vajrayana healing practices is available for a reasonable fee.

A sample day:

  • Begin your morning in quiet meditation.
  • Enjoy a delicious vegetarian breakfast.
  • Join others for a group yoga class. Private instruction is available.
  • Immerse yourself in daily study and discussion.
  • Read, rest, or enjoy a walk.
  • Help out around the ashram.
  • Go to late afternoon yoga or a meditation workshop.
  • Attend evening meditation
  • Relax over dinner and get to know others.
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Seva (selfless service), is the traditional yoga practice of creating flow with one's environment by giving back. Helping out with seva every day is customary. It’s also a good way to learn new skills and make connections with the ashram community.

The Movement Center is located in a historic building on three acres of lovely lawns and gardens, close to downtown Portland and easily accessible via public transportation. Our facility includes a magnificent meditation hall; warm and light-filled hatha yoga studios; simple and comfortable guest rooms;  gracious common living areas; and an abundance of sacred art throughout. 

HOW TO APPLY for a personal retreat

Submit an application online, giving us at least 5 days notice in advance of the time you would like to visit. Please read these GUEST GUIDELINES before applying.