Learning Center

The Movement Center offers a number of courses on site and is developing a series of online courses. Each of these programs offers a variety of course materials, including live presentations and/or audio and video of talks by Swami Chetanananda or other senior teachers, associated reading material, relevant images and iconography, links to further resources, and opportunities for questions to be presented. Some of the topics include:

  • meditation and associated practices and concepts. These courses cover the basics of kundalini meditation practice, an understanding of how it can be extended into your life, and an overview of its philosophical basis.

  • an introduction to Chod, one of our Vajrayana practices, which gives an overview of the history and purpose of the practice, a thorough explanation of the visualizations, and instruction in performing the ritual: the mudras, mantras, melodies and instruments. The course includes sessions in which the practice is performed with a group of experienced practitioners.

  • a comprehensive hatha yoga teacher training program, covering topics such as

    • how yoga integrates body, mind and spirit;

    • your energy body, pranayama and meditation;

    • anatomy for alignment-centered asana;

    • sequencing and theming;

    • discovering your personal leadership style;

    • developing cueing skills, student observation skills, and the use of adaptations and props;

    • how to speak and engage with others with confidence;

    • study and conversation on yoga philosophy;

    • how to create a class environment that supports learning and well-being