Online Learning

The Movement Center is in the process of developing a series of online courses in meditation and ritual practices. Each of these programs offers a variety of course materials, including live presentations and/or audio and video of talks by Swami Chetanananda or other senior teachers, associated reading material, relevant images and iconography, and links to further resources. The topics under development include:

  • The basics of kundalini meditation practice, an overview of its philosophical basis, and an understanding of how it can be extended into your life.

  • an introduction to Chod, one of our Vajrayana practices, which gives an overview of the history and purpose of the practice, a thorough explanation of the visualizations, and instruction in performing the ritual: the mudras, mantras, melodies and instruments. The course includes sessions in which the practice is performed with a group of experienced practitioners.

  • the Śrī Chakra Puja and the Śrī Vidya tradition.