Protocols for eyes-open class


Whether your coming to The Movement Center for the first time or this is just your first time experiencing eyes-open meditation practice, there are a few protocols you'll want to know about.  

Once you park in our parking lot on xxxx, walk in through the gates, across our front lawn, and follow the signs to our Program Entrance which will take you to our reception area and into the heart of our ashram; the meditation hall.  This room has over 20 years of daily chanting, practice and ceremony -- feel the flow and the energy.  You may sit just about anywhere, you will feel and find the best place for you.

Key Points:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before the program begins so you have enough time to situate yourself, go to the restroom if needed, and find a little calm in your seat before the program begins.
  • You must have already completed the Introductory Course to Eyes Open Class in person or online. This is a mandatory pre-requisite and there are no exceptions.
  • Leave shoes, drinks/food in the lobby area and silence your mobile device. Any phone that rings in the lobby can be heard in the meditation hall, so please don't skip this step.
  • You are welcome to bring your own cushion, or we have both chairs and cushions/mats for your use.
  • Handicapped accommodations and auditory systems are available (sometimes the teacher may speak at the end of Class). 
  • Please be considerate of our relationship to our neighbors by parking in our parking lot. Details on how to get there can be found here: TMC Directions & Parking Guide
  • All our meditation programs are offered free of charge and we rely on donations to continue providing our services. Contributing to a place that is providing spiritual nourishment is great karma. The suggested donation is $8-$10 per meditation session. TMC is a non-profit (501c3) and is run on donations.  Your generous donations are appreciated and may be dropped in the Donation Box in the lobby.
  •  If you prefer to donate by credit card, or to setup a monthly recurring payment,  Recurring payments may also be setup directly through the website by clicking here:  TMC Pledge Donation

Eyes-open class

Eyes Open Class is a rare and powerful experience, and it's different for everyone. Some people have visions, some people experience their body getting warm, others experience a great joy, and others don't feel or see anything out of the ordinary but are keenly aware that something amazing is happening.

Having a "big" or "small" experience is not indicative of being "spiritually advanced" or anything of the such. It is also not indicative of the potential that this practice holds for the individual. Often those who have big flashy experiences at the beginning find themselves not committing to the practice in the long haul and wandering off to continue "searching", whereas those that have a more quiet feeling about in the beginning end up sticking around for the long run and find their life profoundly transformed. Our best advice is to feel into your heart as best you can and continue practicing sincerely, with reverence for the power of your own Spirit, for a long period of time independently of the seeming "results" you are getting in the beginning. 

Please be considerate of the following protocols for Class:

  • Arrive to your meditation seat a few minutes before the program starts to set up your seat, relax your body, attune to your breath, to your heart, and to the environment. Set your intention for your practice.
  • If you become a regular to Class, then you might consider arriving more than just 5 minutes earlier, or preparing in your car or home beforehand. You will get the most out of each Class is you prepare properly before each session. Turning off electronics, doing a short yoga practice to release the tensions of the day and come back to your Self, and spending several minutes breathing, connecting to your Energetic Mechanism, and opening deeply inside so that you have done this preliminary work before the teacher enters the room and begins working with everyone.
  • Every Class begins with 15 min or so of Chanting. This is a time to be joyful and feel gratitude for the blessings of these teachings in our life. It is also the time where all attendants sync their hearts with each other and offer love into the space. Please participate and enjoy as you feel comfortable! There are chanting sheets at the entrance of the mediation hall.
  • Once chanting ends and the Eyes-Open portion of Class begins please limit your movement as much as possible. Unless you have an emergency, do not leave the room until class is complete.
  • It is natural for some to have "Kryas" during Class. This can manifest in the form of loud noises, intense breathing or sudden involuntary movements of the body. As these happen for yourself or others, try to stay with the internal exercises as best you can, focusing on your work and your connection to the teacher. Please refrain from looking around to see what is going on with others. Kryas are natural, and are not indicative of spiritual advancement or ability, or of the opposite - they are simply a sudden release of a tension pattern in the system of the person.
  • When the teacher closes their eyes at the end of Class the Gong will sound and you too can close your eyes. 
  • As you leave Class we recommend that you work to stay a little quiet so as to continue to stay connected to the event which will continue within you even as you move on to the next thing.


If at any point you have questions about practice or otherwise, you are welcome to approach our reception staff after class and ask about getting an appointment with one of our senior teachers.

Often times our teachers will be around in the lobby after Class so you can introduce yourself and connect with them.

Please enjoy!