The Expression of Creative Energy

We are in this world to grow in our awareness of that which is truly alive within us. That vibrant stillness that animates this body and is the dynamism of our mind is the whole reason why we are here. Making contact with that dynamism and immersing ourselves in the creative energy that is the essence of what we are is the point of our presence on this planet.

The creative energy that animates us has its own agenda for us that has nothing to do with what Mom and Dad told us. It has nothing to do with any of our worldly agendas. It has everything to do with waking up our hearts and minds and souls and beginning to allow our creative energy to inform us about how it wants to express itself through the veil of this body/mind.

In the expression of our creative energy what grows within us is understanding, sensitivity and joy. Life becomes less about struggle and fear and tension and depression and despair and suffering. It becomes more about the liberation of our creative energy from the disappointments of our ancestors and the realization of a possibility that is present within us. That possibility is within everyone, and it’s profound.

All of our entanglement and the agendas we have in this world to acquire things we think we need to acquire takes our attention away from the source of our life and the fulfillment of our purpose in this world.  Our attention becomes externalized and locked in it, and our creative energy is absorbed in a mass of tension. Our system just shuts down.

I suggest you look at all the things you’re doing and see if your worldly activities and agendas are aligned with the deepest potential that is present within the core of your being.