The Essence of All Spirituality

After reading the Vedas again, I’ve come to the conclusion that their essence is also the essence of all spirituality. What it’s really all about is gratitude.

Spiritual practice is about coming to a place where you make contact with your body and your breath. You’ll note that when you become very aware of your body and your breath, your mind will automatically become quiet. If you hold that awareness long enough, you will discover that feeling what it feels like to breathe feels really good. Eventually, your heart will open.

As your heart opens and the tensions in your body and mind further dissolve, you will experience a flow of energy that is the vital essence of your life moving in you. You’ll come to a place where you can feel where this energy is coming from and into which it is dissolving, and you’ll feel the breath of life breathing in you. You will begin to appreciate that there is a profound abundance that is the same as your awareness, which is the ground of all experience.

When you are in touch with your body and breath and are appreciating the movement, the vibrancy of the breath of life functioning within you, naturally you come to a place of profound gratitude. You understand what a miracle consciousness is and that you have the opportunity to participate in the crazy ride that is your life. How amazing!

While we are fully responsible for our choices, the only choice that we can ever make that is not already programmed into us and a function of the disappointments of our ancestors is to be completely aware and, in our complete awareness, quite naturally totally grateful.