The Breath that We’re Breathing

Most people live in tiny little patterns of tension that they don’t have a clue about. They have no sense of what is possible for them in their lives, the richness that is available to them, if they could only take a breath and actually feel it.

How simple is that? Just to take a breath and feel it. Then take another breath and feel that. If we just remembered to feel the breath that we’re breathing, then all of the nonsense that we get entangled in every single day would just fall away. We would feel the life in us. We would know what is truly alive within us.

There appears to be so much that we need to do, and yet there is nothing to be done. If we could only understand that while there may be actions that we need to carry out, we could do them simply, without stress and complexity. We could release all that and have the energy to be aware of our breath.

As we become more relaxed and present in our bodies, we will be able to feel the extraordinary vibrancy of the breath within us. We will experience the subtle breath within our breathing. Having the energy to hold our mind present in our bodies and in our breath and the subtlety that is within our breath, we will become aware of a profound and sacred potentiality that is present within us and around us everywhere. It only requires our attention to begin to coalesce into a creative energy that expresses itself as some unimaginable transformation in the field of our experience.