Removing the Wrapping

When we are born, it’s as if we come out and are immediately wrapped in a tight plastic coating. If you have ever stood at a meat counter and watched the guys in the back cut the meat and put it in a plastic wrap that’s really tight, you’ll have an idea of what it is like for us when we are born.  We are wrapped in a tight package of tensions that I call the disappointments of our ancestors.  This ligamentous sack has in its wrapping all of tensions of our parents, and their parents, and their parents, as well as of our culture and society.

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All of this wrapping becomes the limitation of our ability to see what is happening in the world around us or even to connect to it.  For the most part, we go through our lives, living in this sack and seeing the world through this set of tensions, which we both react to and are constrained by.  We never figure out what is going on among human beings, this planet or anything else.

We live in this sack, which profoundly limits us, until somebody comes along who can take the sack away—someone who can cut the cellophane off, who can open the package, and who can begin to energize the life that is constrained in that wrapping and bring it more completely to life.  That’s basically what I do, and what this experience of eyes-open meditation that I am sharing with you is.  It is cutting away at the wrapper. This meditation practice is an energy exchange that liberates life from the limitations imposed upon it by generations of brutality. Slowly, or as quickly as each of you can possibly take it in, you can have the wrapping of your family’s tensions removed from you and the life inside you brought to life.

With those tensions removed, the life inside you, which is extremely fine, can begin to extend itself in all the three worlds: the physical world, the mental and emotional world, the spiritual world, and the energetic world. It can, just like the dawning of the sun, begin to illuminate your purpose in this world. It can show you the connections that you have to the people around you. More importantly, it can show you the refinement and sophistication in your environment that is impacting you every day that you are not aware of and that you don’t understand. Slowly, you can become anchored in the life that is truly alive within you and begin to relate to the totality of your environment in a way that can continuously nourish and nurture and uplift you.

You can begin to appreciate that even the painful circumstances in your life are taking place as an expression of deep tensions and deep constraints within you that are beginning to breakdown and dissolve and release you from their hold. You have the opportunity and the power to completely transform your life into, not an easy experience, but a completely positive experience.

When you get to a hard place, reach deeper inside you to bring out more positive qualities. Every hard place that you bump into is a tension in you, a part of your life that has been compressed in you for a very long time that is rising up out of you and expressing itself on its way out the door. Every hard place that you meet represents an opportunity for you to reach deeper into yourself.  In doing so, that hard place will reveal a finer quality and a stronger power and a richer experience that is available to you.

So, take responsibility for the quality of your life and be committed to growing it, and come to eyes-open meditation and learn about the tools that are available to you to make this change within yourself.  Then sit here and understand what I am doing is taking away your tensions and bringing powerfully into the environment a dimension of energy which most human beings who have walked on the planet never have ever been in touch with. Connect to that and take it in to yourself and hold it in yourself. Let it nourish you and then move through your day with love and light and express as much as you can every positive quality that is alive within you.