Opening Our Heart

The understanding of the intention our life has for itself can only be known when we are capable of opening our hearts and through that access point getting deeply in touch with our life.

Each of us has had an experience of our heart chakra. Even if we’ve never had the experience of a profound opening in our heart chakra, we have had the experience of what is referred to as a broken heart. That’s a very powerful experience. Most of us, when we have the experience of our heart being broken, say “I’m never going to allow myself to be hurt ever again.” We live to protect ourselves from any input after that, and having our attitudes toward other people be shaped by that experience makes our life quite complicated.

I talk about opening our hearts because opening our energetic mechanism to new energy is going to enhance the quality of our life experience on every level of our existence.  Opening ourselves and understanding about energy and flow is going to make our bodies healthier and give them a greater range of physical motion. It is going to make our minds clearer, our intellect more acute, and our emotions much more vibrant and clear.

Our heart is also the main access point to the deeper dimensions of us. That access happens when we take our attention inside and cultivate the sensitivity and develop the capacity for that awareness.  We have to learn what it feels like to open our heart, to breathe into the center of our chest and feel it open. If we practice enough, eventually we can get to the point where we take our attention there, take two breaths and feel a release to the degree that we can be in love with life instantly.

It’s worth it to work on accessing that place and cultivating an awareness of the intention our life has for us. Being aligned with that intention takes so much struggle and strain and tension out of our lives. It makes everything we do an expression of love.