Opening Deeply to Life

In the entire universe, everything is energy in one of two forms: conscious energy and structured energy. As energy becomes increasingly structured, its range of awareness is decreased and it becomes more dense. Conscious energy can be called Shiva. Structured energy can be called Shakti. All phenomena are structured energy in various degrees of density that arise and subside in the one infinite field of unlimited conscious energy.

Breaking down our own density, dissolving tensions, and allowing our creative energy to grow automatically brings growth. Growth is characterized by change, which affords us the opportunity for an expanded range of motion–physically, emotionally, intellectually, and energetically. Ultimately, it gives us access to the dimension of our existence that is conscious energy and in which all knowledge of past, present and future is inherent.

The conscious effort to grow is really very simple. It is to open within ourselves every single day and to awaken the energy channels, and their junction points, the chakras, and allow ourselves to absorb the experiences of our life as energy. We take everything in our field of experience as energy into ourselves and break it down. We break down all of our thoughts about it, attitudes towards it, and judgments about it. Taking it all in as energy is opening to it, being nourished by it, and learning from it at the same time.

opening to sunriseWe have to learn from experience at a deeper level than it is manifesting. If we are taking in something on the level that is manifesting, we are only building resistance to it. It’s only when we can detach ourselves slightly from the circumstances in which we live that we can begin to understand it is all nourishment. We can take it in and be grateful for our life, as it is.

It is our life as it is that has the potential to nourish us. It is not our life as we want it to be, or we wish it was, or it should have been. All that stuff has nothing to do with anything. Our life as it is has the potential to nourish us if we can reach into ourselves, open ourselves more deeply than the circumstances we are relating to are manifesting, and draw this energy, this whole experience, within ourselves and be nourished and taught by it.

I hear lots of people talk about the inner teacher, but I have yet to meet one person who had a clue what they are talking about. It is just some garbage that people throw out as a way of saying , “I already know everything and I don’t need to hear anything from you.” The inner teacher is that part of us which has the capacity to open more deeply to our life than it is manifesting on and take it in as energy and be nourished by it. This is Rudi’s fundamental teaching.

Simply put, if we can make contact with our own energetic mechanism, consciously open that mechanism and the chakras and set everything in motion, the tensions will start to dissolve and break down. We will start to experience within ourselves a sweetness and a gratitude that will allow for us to heal from all of the strain patterns and trauma that we have experienced in our life. This deep and profound healing can only take place when we take responsibility for opening ourselves, taking in the nourishment, transcending and dissolving every kind of tension, and simply being grateful for being alive.

Creative Commons image courtesy of Jeff Poquinto, SA on Flickr