Feel What You Can Feel

The spiritual work I teach is not hard, but it does require a persistent effort. It doesn’t take an enormous effort. Sometimes managing yourself might take some time, but this shouldn’t be exhausting. It’s simple.

The simple effort is to feel…and don’t try to be a superstar. What I encourage my students to do is simply feel what you can feel. Bring your attention to your body, bring your attention to your heart, bring your attention to your breath, feel what you can feel.  Here’s what happens if you feel what’s available to you to feel: in a little while, maybe not tomorrow or the next day, what’s going to happen is that you are going to feel what’s underneath what you’re feeling now.

We think we are doing.  We think “I am doing this thing, I am doing that thing, I’m doing so many things.” It’s possible that, in fact, there is only one awareness and many minds. It’s possible, in fact, that there is only one life on the Earth and that is the life of the total environment of the Earth. There’s only one life. Every living thing on the Earth might just be just an effect of that one life.  Maybe it’s true, and it’s up to you to decide.

So, as you feel what you can feel, with the understanding that you’re not doing it, you become aware that there’s something deeper at work.  As you feel just what’s available to you, slowly, the flow that arises within you, from the release of tension, informs you of that deeper happening.  Having experienced that, you go…wow!  It’s that experience that inspires you and carries you into a new layer of practice and a deeper commitment to your work, and a deeper appreciation of the benefit of the extraordinary abundance that is available to you.

Trying to be a superstar is just making more tension. You might think, “Oh, I’m going to hit a home run and be a Tantric master tomorrow.” Don’t.  If you just feel what you feel, what you discover within the experience that you’re having is discovering  dimensions of subtlety that are astonishingly beautiful. They are beautiful enough that a little contact with them will sustain you as you go through all of the uncomfortable structural reorganization that happens as you come from the state of tension that you’re in to a state of flow. So, just feel what you can feel and keep coming back to it and feeling--feeling your body and feeling your breath and feeling your heart.  Feeling, feeling, feeling, is the key.

This practice reveals within you dimensions of information, a range of awareness, a visionary capability that allows you to have a completely different perspective on the problems that we face. It also makes available to you simple solutions to those problems, naturally available in your environment, and has attached to it the abundance that will easily allow those solutions to assert themselves in the field of your experience.

Once you get the hang of it, you will find that inside you is experience, outside you is experience. It turns out that subject, object and means of knowing are a total unity. Your experience is totally integrated into the universal experience.  The abundance that created the Universe has created you, and aligning yourself in that total experience allows miracles to manifest as your life. It’s natural. It doesn’t require too much work. It just requires a persistent, conscious effort.