Depth Over Time

At the core of each of us is an energetic mechanism, a condensation of creative energy, that is filled with power and potential. It’s a power that has nothing to do with the circumstance that we have attracted as a life. While our life manifests from that power, it completely transcends our material circumstances. At the same time, this energetic mechanism does exist in its own broader field of creative energy, in the same way that a wave exists in the context of the ocean. As this wave of creative energy that we are moves in its own space, it is also interacting with the totality of that ocean.

So, there is a very profound possibility that is present for us as we are more and more deeply in touch with our own creative energy and its circulation in and through us. It’s possible for us to begin to connect to the total environment, which is information. The energy is information, and the information is energy. To access it, we have to strip away the layers of accumulated tension or karma (what I call the disappointments of our ancestors), and everything that we’ve done to ourselves as an effect of that set of disappointments, all the compensation mechanisms. Then it’s possible that we can be in touch with a very deep place inside us. That place will inform us of our environment in ways that right now are very difficult for us to understand.

Our eyes pick up one ten-trillionth of the spectrum of light. That is all we see. The same is true for all of our senses. It’s not really possible from our superficial mental experience to really connect to what’s happening around us and what’s happening in our life. So, we go along living on the surface, reacting to the dramas of our family, and whatever else is going on around us—our school, our job, our spouse, our children.

All the drama is not our life. It is only an effect of our life. Our life is deep within us and moving in us all the time. It is very much like how the waves are the ocean, but they in many ways obscure the vastness of the ocean. They obscure our ability to see deeply into the ocean. So, as we are able to open our energy centers or chakras, and become quiet and experience their resonance, we become informed about our environment and about ourselves in ways that are ordinarily difficult to grasp. This information is simply available within us. All we have to do is call upon it.

There is guidance and instruction inside us, as well as information about the ultimate reality that we can experience from within ourselves. Mastery exists within us and no one can teach it to us. We have to dig it out of ourselves. That mastery comes from years of releasing tensions and allowing our creative energy to flow to the degree that our energetic mechanism is fully awakened and informing us about who and what we really are. It will inform us about everything: all of our past lives, our present, our future, and the future of the people we are surrounded by. It will inform us about what’s important and what’s useless.

Tremendous wisdom and understanding is available from within us. Access to this dimension of our being is real power. It takes real work, although it’s not particularly hard work. Sometimes it’s boring work, but most of the time it’s unbelievably sweet work. It does take time. We have to have enough value for our own life that we are willing to put in the time to discover the unbelievably extraordinary, unimaginable possibility that is living in the center of our heart, each and every moment of this lifetime and every other lifetime.

Rudi used to say that the most astonishing thing to him about people is that they live with this unbelievable potential for the whole of their life and remain clueless about it. We are so distracted by all the superficial movement going on around us that we never really make contact with ourselves. Since we’re not really making contact with ourselves, we don’t really make contact with anything else.

There is an unimaginable possibility living in the middle of you. I hope you will hear what I’m telling you and make the effort that it takes to make that possibility come alive.