Be Delighted

My perspective on Rudi’s teaching is that so much of what he was talking about was really about detachment. What he meant by detachment was that we are not engaged in all of the petty drama craziness in any issue we have to relate to in our day or in our life. Rather, we are taking the energy of all of our circumstances and absorbing it deeply within ourselves, for the purpose of awakening our energetic mechanism and bringing about a continual change of state within us. That change of state should bring us into the awareness of the vastness and the potential that is present within us. It should bring us into the awareness that our essence and the essence of life is unconditional love.

Swami Chetanananda with garland after havanEverything other than love arises from the absence of alignment in love. In that absence of alignment, the ego, and its agent, desire, hijack the power of love. The ego and its agent hijack the energy and transform it into fear and greed and anger.

But this experience of detachment, which should liberate us from desire, doesn’t mean that we have to suppress our desires. Suppressing anything is not a good thing. I think, generally speaking, suppression is the basis of all pathology. Rudi’s work and tantrism in general would never support the idea of suppressing anything, Rather, it’s about transformation–transforming our desires into the experience of inspiration and the realization of unconditional love from within ourselves.

It’s perfectly wonderful for everybody to enjoy their life. You can experience delight in any of the ways that are appropriate to you. It’s fine. I’m taking this line from Rumi slightly out of his context, but I would say “Ours is not a caravan of despair.” Be delighted…and bravo for that.

In your experience of delight, remain in the awareness of your own energetic mechanism. Relate to delight as nourishment and quite consciously absorb it more deeply into you because certainly in the environment of delight, tensions dissolve much more easily. Energy becomes nourishment more easily, and your whole physical mechanism will allow for transformation to take place. It will happen much more efficiently than if you’re constantly under pressure and stress and fretting and worry about this thing and that thing.