An Enormously Powerful Place

Meditation practice is, in my personal experience, the most wonderful thing there it. To sit and be in touch with the life of our life is just incredible. To be able to be in touch with a place that is beneath the limitations and tensions that are held in our body, to be able to go someplace that is free of our thoughts and our craziness, is amazing.

Like anything that is worth anything, meditation practice isn’t exactly for free. You have to train yourself to it. That means you have to sit down every day and you have to stay down, no matter what is calling you to bounce up. You have to sit down again and stay down. 

Start by training yourself to deeply relax your body. Meditation doesn’t happen away from your body. Our body and our mind are not separate. First we relax our body, then we relax our mind as we become aware of our breathing and the movement of the life of our life, the movement of the vital energy that is held within the breath.

When our mind starts to go somewhere else, we pull it back to keep relaxing our body and being aware of our breath. As we do this, we move more and more deeply within ourselves to a place of pure awareness beyond body and mind. We expose within us a place of very great beauty and purity and clarity that is already and always within us. That place is enormously powerful.

This guided meditation will help you begin to find that place.