A New Set of Priorities

Most of the time we are living in reaction to our circumstances with a set of agendas that are limited–job, food, sex, that kind of stuff. Those are the things that usually engage us, and that’s how most people live.

Living like that evokes all of our fears and engages all the defensive routines we have developed or inherited. We do what our minds tell us we ought to do. A lot of it is struggle. We never get to the place where we can deal with it because we are so busy relating to our external circumstance that we suppress all of our own feelings about those circumstances in order just to keep going.

We don’t realize that there is  a whole different dimension of well-being present within us all the time. There is no circumstance outside us that bring this well-being into us. It’s already there. What we need to is to begin to invest our energy in being in contact with that well-being and starting to live from it. That gives rise to a whole new set of priorities.

Living from that well-being releases us from all of the shoulds and oughts. It releases us from the obvious pathways through which we might be expressing ourselves in our lives and enables us to travel an uncommon pathway, one in which we are living from love. That pathway might not be the most financially rewarding. It may not be something that gains peoples’ approval. But it is a pathway that will fulfill us completely.