Breath is flow. That’s the simplest form of it. Just to speak to another person can also create flow. If you could, in any conversation you’re having, bring a deeper awareness of flow to that moment, you have changed that person’s life forever. Everyone has had experiences of flow, where suddenly there’s a connection and something starts happening between you and the person you’re with.  


Flow can happen anywhere. I used to be a cashier in my father’s drugstore. I learned that smiling at people and saying something, anything nice, to them started creating a flow between us. Over the years that I worked in my dad’s drugstore those connections deepened, and I saw people’s lives change. Having that job opened opportunities for me to share with people whom I would never have met anywhere else.

So, flow can be breathing. Flow can be touching. Flow can be speaking. Flow in the finest sense is just to feel yourself, feel the other person, feel the space between you and to hold that awareness. Do that, and magic can happen.