Connecting to Higher Forces

During a trip to India in 1972, Rudi met with an astrologer he knew named Professor Thomas. Professor Thomas told him that if he came back to India in the fall, he could possibly meet a very old man, someone 750 to 1000 years old. Rudi believed him. So, he went back to India in September 1972. During that trip, he had an experience of a very ancient spiritual being who came into his environment and for three days came in and out of his body. It was very intense. At the end of the experience, when that spiritual being had settled in Rudi’s own energy field, it remained there for the duration of his life. In photos taken during this time, you can see a face on his forehead. I have a picture of it in my meditation room. This face used to come out of his forehead when he taught and hang in the air. 

Swami Chetanananda's guru, Rudi

Swami Chetanananda's guru, Rudi

So, that was obviously an important experience for Rudi. Over time, in thinking about that experience over and over again, and doing a lot of work, I began to understand it in the context of all of my work in the tantric tradition. It is articulated in the scriptures of the Kubjika tradition, which is one of the important Shakta/Shaiva traditions that I studied in Nepal. In this tradition, there is an explicit understanding that also permeates Shaivism. It is that when we die and we have collected enough energy, when our dynamic system has taken in enough energy that it has expanded and refined itself to this extent, it can no longer support a material existence. When it is so refined that it’s not going to become embodied on the earth anymore, it still endures in the atmosphere in the form of a vortex. 

Rudi went on to explain in the last part of his book that there were vortexes everywhere in the atmosphere that represented and contained tremendous knowledge, infinite forms of knowledge that are available to us. If we could reach within ourselves and keep working and keep growing, we would come to a point we were so refined we could connect to these ascended masters, who are liberated souls. Since there’s no higher and lower, and there is only the here and now and the life of the earth, all of the information, all of the richness of the experience of all of the liberated souls is still alive in the world. All of the power of Nityananda’s presence and Rudi’s presence was an expression of the degree to which they had refined and surrendered themselves and were connected in those extraordinary fields of creative energy in the forms of vortexes. 

Rudi went on to point out that from the palate to the top of the head and beyond, the energetic mechanism becomes very much more elaborate and sophisticated. We talk about the crown chakra as a thousand petal lotus. It has a thousand centers in it. Actually, it’s a thousand little vortexes. All the little nerve ganglia in our whole body are vortexes. They process information like a traffic circle in Boston, if you know what I mean. The energy comes in, it swirls around, it picks an appropriate channel as it swirls around and it goes out. There are millions of connecting points in our body--billions of connecting points between us and other bits of information that have similar resonance. But it’s only in this complex energetic mechanism in the head that we have the capacity to actually plug into all of the higher and finer spiritual forms of energy that exist around us. 

So, the final practice that Rudi was going to teach, and the work he was giving, was a completely different breathing exercise, and a different verbalization, and a different understanding. It was that our work is to take our attention to each of the points in this energetic mechanism, of which there are very many, and to awaken those chakras and channels in the head, for the sake of awakening that finest part, the most vibrant and vital part of that vortex of creative energy that we are, and establishing ourselves and connecting to truly spiritual, very very much higher and finer forces.