Embrace Your Life As It Is

The most beneficial environment in which we can operate to really quickly transform ourselves is an environment of joy. We have to be in touch with that joy every day through all the circumstances of our life, and bring to our daily life a joy that we can communicate around us, irrespective of what challenges we have to face and what lumps we have to smooth out. That is the way to facilitate the expansion of our own creative energy and the field, the vibrancy, in which blessings can begin to really function.

Demons feed on anger, angels feed on joy. Who do you want to invite to your dinner table? Whose company will you cultivate in your sojourn in this world? Don’t think about problems. The truth of the matter is that if you’re over 18, play time is finished and everything is work. Everything. Pick your favorite thing to do. It’s work. There is no play anymore, there is work that we like doing and work we enjoy doing and work we don’t like doing, but there’s only work. We should focus not on the past or any of our issues, but on what we are trying to build for ourselves and share with the people whom we love in our life. Then with the attitude of joy and a focus on what we’re building, we will be able to move through all of the confusing issues of our daily lives full of the awareness of the experience of the breath of life and its vastness, and we’ll never lose our perspective.

There are no problems, there’s only work and ultimately the Self has no problem. So let’s happily, joyfully, let’s embrace our life as it is. You don’t need a better life, you need to fully engage the life you’ve got, because hidden in who you are, and hidden in the life you have, there is unbelievable potential.

There is so much magic in each of us. The whole thrust of the tantric tradition is about getting us to wake up every day and remember that there’s magic, and that the magic is inside us and in the energy and the capacity of our own creative energy. If we can engage that and cultivate it over time we’re going to appreciate that this astonishing magic has unlimited capability.

We can be as common as mud. But mud is the place where plants grow, where rice comes out of the ground, and where all the medicines come from. The trees and the forest and the whole life of the environment comes out of the mud. Even though in a way we may be ordinary and mudlike, that does not in any way deny the magic that is available to come forth from within us should we choose to cultivate ourselves. No matter how limited or conflicted or whatever our circumstances are today, there are super powers inside us waiting to wake up and express themselves in this world for the good of all living beings. We need only choose to engage it, and slowly, slowly, day by day, develop it.